Packer Jobs in Canada | Exciting Fruit & Food Packing Openings

Packer Jobs in Canada | Exciting Fruit & Food Packing Openings. There are a lot of people working in the factories, in offices and in restaurants. They get paid according to their duties and responsibilities, but a job like fruit packer is often underestimated, but it is one of the toughest tasks but they mostly work on fruit farms and grocery stores. The main thing is to make sure that fruits are properly packed and can also load for shipment. In many places, fruit packers are needed to pack fruits for the customers perfectly. Being a fruit packer, it is the duty of the packer that every single item is packed perfectly with all necessary details and labels. 

Fruit packing is considered to be the easier job but things are quite complicated. It is essential to pay attention to which fruit would be packed in which way. 

Packer Jobs in Canada | Exciting Fruit & Food Packing Openings

For example, if you packed bananas and grapes in a carton, it would be a wrong act and they would Smell and get crushed. So, it is needed to make sure the packing procedure is safe. Sometimes you need to go through a complicated process as you may have to lift heavy weights lie watermelon so physical dexterity is also required.

Tasks and responsibilities

  1. He should determine day to day tasks so that orders can be completed on time.

  2. Checking the quality of all fruits is required for ensuring health and hygiene.

  3. Determining the right way of packing is mostly needed according to its type and physical sensitivity.

  4. He should know about the right packing and seal bags to prevent food from damage.

  5. Counting and weighing amounts and quantities is required to ensure uniformity of boxes and bags.

  6. Everything should have detailed information and record such as weight, time, quantity, dates of packing, labels and expiries.

  7. Take notice of Over filling of the fruit containers and place tags and labels in the related containers.

  8. Carefully lining up the containers should be the skill of the candidate applying for the job.

Skills and requirements

Typically, a high school diploma and the equivalent certificate or a degree related to the packing field is the minimum requirement.

If the candidate has proven experience, he must be preferred for the job.

Knowing the basics of packing and picking of thr fruits are important.

The candidate must have a sense that which fruit can be packed in a container and which one needs air.

Exciting Food, Fruit & Vegetable Packer Jobs in Canada for Foreigners | Food Packaging Careers

Packer, boxes PeopleReadyCambridge (ON)$16.00 hourlyApply
Packer РmanufacturingMATERIAUX DE RENOVATION MORIVAL INCMontr̩al (QC)$16.00 hourlyApply
Crate packerBonduelle Amérique du NordBedford (QC)N/AApply
Packer – manufacturing CKFHantsport (NS)$21.85 hourlyApply
Furniture packer Lloyd the Mover (Pembroke)LtdPembroke (ON)$15.00 to $16.00 hourly Apply
Vegetable packer – farm Bull Market Farms Inc.Kingsville (ON)$14.39 hourlyApply

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